What if I’m afraid of the dentist?

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We understand! And you don’t need to have had a bad experience in the past to be fearful! Fear of dentists stems not so much from the experience of pain as from the lack of control that patients experience in the dentist’s chair, says Ellen Rodino, PhD, a psychologist in Santa Monica, Calif., who has studied dental fear. “You’re lying prone, a dentist is hovering above you, and he’s putting you in a situation where you can hardly talk or respond. That creates a lot of anxiety for some people because they don’t feel in control.”

Dental anxiety is common, and we’ve planned our practice especially for our nervous patients. We have a variety of ways to help you relax, from longer appointments, a relaxing environment, comfortable dental chairs, and an assistant who is with you at all times.

Rest assured that our team is not only experienced, but warm and caring.

If you’re still nervous about your dental care, then we’re glad to offer several different levels of sedation to get you through your appointment without fear! Dr. Oliveira has received certification from the University of Toronto to perform oral sedation and to use nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

We’re always available to discuss all the options available and what fits you best. It will be our pleasure!